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M600 & DRTK - 50 Flights in - Feedback
1206 2 2017-2-12
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South Africa

Hi Guys

Currently running the M600 platform with LB2/DRTK with a Tau2 and Rx100 on a custom gimbal.
She has been flying consistantly every day from 9am to 4pm for the last week without fail and our trust in this machine is solid.
Coupled with UCGs Pro version

Our ambient temp here is 30 to 40'c and altitude is 1250m ASL

That being said, I have 2  Issues that seem to be popping up on a regular basis, almost every flight.

1- Battery drain is not consistant across all the batterys - After every 22min flight, Battery 3 usually sits at about 40 to 50% capacity and the rest of the batterys sit at 30%.
      - Consistanly across all 4 sets of batterys
      - Doesnt matter if its the TB47 or TB48
      - Rotating battery positions doesnt change the result
      - Moved the LB2 out of the inside to the top plate as it was over heating battery number 5 and that battery was draining faster than the rest.
      - cleaned the pins as usual

2. Battery comms error on battery port 3
    - Initially thought it was a mechanical issue with the pins, using a eraser to clean the pins and an electrical switch cleaner and lubrication and that doesnt seem to sort it
    - what is interesting is that it consistantly happens mid flight at to 47 to 53% battery capacity. Possibly a software issue?
    - Doesnt matter which battery set, TB47/T48 or battery rotation.

Gimbal and stm32 companion computer is running of the Aux 18v XT30 plug

Any of the DJI reps comments would be appreciated
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there is ceartenly no battery problem, as you rouled that out by your testing. the xt30 output should get the power from All batteries equally. Please check the voltage and see if there are dicrepancies and post it here, as % values are not very reliable.
Then hook up the m600 to the assistant and connect gimbal and everything, then in the battery tab you can see the power draw feom every battery, see if less power gets out of the #3 battery.
Do you get a Battery voltage warning on the app?

It could be a fw issue, try to downgrade and see what happens, and have you deep cylcled your batteries? Maybe the software has some problems to recognize % of the battery.

Next could be and i hope not, and correct me when im wrong, maybe one motor is drawing less power then the others and that one is getting less power from #3 battery, could you test with a thermal camera and see if motor #3 or #4 is colder then the rest? I may be wrong on how the power managing system works.
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I recently had to interrogate the data logs looking for a cure for rolling shutter,  the logs showed a full output input and esc data from all batteries and esc. The data reader is very poor but gives a clue and you can copy a .csv file to excel for better analysis.

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