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Pan Center Changes, Cannot Reset
779 0 2017-2-13
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During the past two shoots we've noticed a strange problem with our Ronin. We are using latest updates from Ronin Assistant software 2.4.

Everything starts fine. We are using left and right pan, and tilting downards as much as 85, even 90 degrees "full down" tilt from time to time. Then, suddenly, the Ronin will cease to pan to the Right past center. Selecting "Auto Calibrate" causes the gimbal to snap 90 degrees left and calibrate as if that was "center." The only solution is to power down, manually re-center the gimbal, and power back up. It will then hold correctly for perhaps 3 to 5 minutes before the same thing happens again.

It appears that something is causing the gimbal to suddenly think that "center" is now 90 degrees to the Left, and there is no way to re-set it other than powering down.

We tried a "calibrate center" by panning full right (which takes us to the original "center" point and no further) and selecting that as "center" but of course that only takes effect after a reboot... which fixes the problem anyway.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

Doug Bischoff
Ceridwen Productions
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