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Ground Station Pro and Remote Start Stop (Ronin MX)
1012 2 2017-2-23
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Currently I'm working towards the next setup:
Matrice 600 Pro
Ronin MX
Sony A7RII

Still looking into the best way to  trigger the sony camera when flying.

How is the compatibility of the ground station pro with the DIJ remote start stop?
Will I be able to automatically trigger my camera (Sony A7RII)  with Remote start stop ( using Ground Station Pro ?

According to the user manual, the remote start stop is triggered by the normal "take a picture" or "start filming" buttons from the DJI remote controller, so my guess is that the Ground Station pro uses the same channels to trigger pictures when doing a mapping project.

Can someone confirm this?
Thank you

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I am interested in a answer to this question also.  I know when filming with the A7 and remote start stop I have to roll from the ground because the remote start stop wont work for video.  It will take pictures through the remote sensor on the front of the camera but for some reason the camera is not set up to roll video in this way.
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To the best of my knowledge, RSS is transmitted through Lightbridge 2 only, by pressing the button on the ground unit. Pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with the app, so hypothetically, it should work just fine.

I say hypothetically because (lol) DJI introduced a bug in the latest Ronin-MX GCU firmware that disables video RSS functionality. Round of applause to the DJI software devs.
EDIT: The GCU firmware has been updated and the RSS bug has been fixed! Now perhaps some only partially-sarcastic applause is due.

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