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V2+ weirdness after new gimbal flex plus copper shielding
426 0 2017-3-6
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I'm gonna cry soon . . .

First off, I'm a beginner with a drone. But what's happening here doesn't make sense.

Crashed my drone learning how not to fly it. Gimbal flex cable tore. So I sent off fort one from the UK (I'm in Thailand).

Right away I took the gimbal/camera off and checked the drone. It seemed to be working OK and responded to the controller – I flew it a few yards to see if it was OK.

Three weeks later the flex cable came, plus a roll of thin copper – in this part of Thailand I’m lucky if I can keep 6 satellites so needed to do a bit of shielding (I’d read that this copper trick helps . . .)

So I carefully took the top of the shell off, cut the copper to shape, re-routed the GPS cable under the original shielding and used spray adhesive to stick the copper to the inside of the top. (Then covered it with thin plastic just in case it might end up touching something and shorting out.)

The point here is that there is only one connector – the GPS cable – that I touched.

Then I took a while fiddling with the new flex cable. Put it all back together and YIPPEE the gimbal did its little dance when I turned the drone on, and was smooth to its vertical and horizontal limits when I turned the drone around by hand.

So I checked it out to see if it was still behaving itself and started the rotors.

For some reason the front and back left-side motors were barely spinning. The right pair were fine. Then I noticed that the yaw position was doing nothing to the motor speed but was swinging the camera about an inch to the left and right.

Thinking that it all needed calibrating again I connected the controller via USB to the RC Assistant – all OK.

Then I tried the drone on the Vision Plus Assistant but got problems. In Tools, advanced, I couldn’t calibrate it – kept stopping at about 80% and showing the little error triangle on the bottom right corner. Plus I’m also getting “no connection with phantom” on the Vision Plus app on my phone, too.

So I’m stumped. (
Incidentally, I happen to have access to a brand new gimbal/camera asembly and it’s doing exactly the same thing with this too.)

Can the copper sheet be doing something really weird in some way? Is there something I’m not aware of here? It was all working fine after the crash and now it’s not.

Anyone who knows what’s going on help me out here?! Any ideas?
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