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Controller buttons/many settings not persistent between devices.
503 1 2017-3-9
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I have an iPhone 5s I keep in my Mavic bag, and my normal 6s and use when 5s dies (battery dies quick using with Mavic).

When I attach other phone, many settings do not translate accross. Some I assume is app sepecific, but controller buttons??

So far these setting are inconsistant that I've noticed so far:

- Grid Lines
- Center point
- Over exposure warning
- Enable AFC
- ALL 6 customizable controller buttons
- Battery: Show voltage on screen
- Peak focus threshold
- Cache video
- Hardware Decoding
- Long press action

I know some of these (not all) seem logical to be device specific, but I am one pilot, with same choices, yet always have to mess with 2 different sets of settings all the time and make them match!! Drives me crazy!! Often this results in unexpected behaviour during flight because half the setting could be different all of a sudden!

Anyone know of even one outside explaination of why this would be/anyone would want this?

Also does not help that most setting reset to defaults after firmware update (which feels like all i do with mavic these days lol), so have to get both devices and go through everything twice!!

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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

I have brought this to our designated team for review.
Thank you for your feedback.
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