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DJI Could Learn From This.
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SkySight Aerial
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Below is an email I received from Hanger relating to their Autopilot app. I thought I would share it on this forum as it appears that this may be an issue with either the DJI firmware or just it's compatability with Autopilot. Either way it is an example to DJI as to how to communicate known issues to customers rather than them having to find out the hard way.
Similar bulletins from DJI would go a long way to raise customers opinions of their very poor customer service.

Current Issues  
There is currently an issue with the latest DJI firmware for the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 which causes erratic flight behavior in Autopilot. We do not recommend* using Autopilot with these aircraft types until a resolution has been found for this issue. If you are using firmware 01.03.0200 or below, you should not see these issues.

* It is still possible to safely use Human Flight Control Modes and Waypoint Mode as long as Lost Connection is set to Continue Mission (LCMC).

We will send out another correspondence when this issue has been resolved.

Thanks for your understanding!​

Well done HANGER!!

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If I were more switched on political I would have published this as Skysight Aerial has. Could not have worded it better my friend. Preempted a situation before it became an issue.

nice post. It made me feel as if they were talking to me directly. DJI pay attention because your partners are making you look like third world dictators who don’t give a SH*T.  when you really put a huge effort into your products, if you were to just invest 20% into the people you would win minds and hearts as well. Just my personal opinion………….

Use props
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