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Camera works until card is inserted!
366 1 2017-3-12
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I can't figure this out. Mavic record video to DJI GO 4 video cache and camera works fine as long as no card is in the Mavic. As soon as I insert a card, the ability to record video or take photos disappears. The DJI GO 4 screen shows the image from the camera in real time, but the image seems to hunt for focus and the screen itself flickers every few seconds. The camera status info disappears and the record button for the video doesn't work (it's not even red). Similar behavior for still photos.

If I power down Mavic and remove the SD card, all is well again. I can record video and photos to video cache in DJI GO 4 app, but of course I can't record to SD card because I had to remove the SD VMware to get the camera to function.

I've tried two different SD cards that I've used successfully before. Both cards are fine. Inserting either one into the Mavic effectively turns off the recording ability of the camera and throws off all of the camera controls.

In summary, inserting an SD card breaks the camera.

Any ideas?
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Few things to try;

See if each help. By the comment I assume the cards are ok on a computer etc. Do you have a 3rd card you can try? Do you remember anything changing since the last time it worked successfully? I would also reduce the video recording to 1080p to eliminate any card speed issues.

1. Check inside the micro-SD card slot with a magnifying glass and light for any debris
2. Format the card via the DJI GO APP
3. Reset the Camera Settings via the Go App
4. Reset to Factory Default via Assistant 2
5. Force a firmware update via Assistant 2 (Reset to Factory Default)
6. Drop down a f/w version via Assistant 2 (Reset to Factory Default) - If this helps then flash the latest f/w

See if any of these help, I cannot think of anything else at the moment but Calibrating the IMU will definitely not help here.
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