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605 2 2017-3-14
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DJI, I am willing to help you understand and clear the air around personal addresses and other wrongdoings happening in your forum, which in all honesty you are a miserable failure at addressing. What I require in exchange is you honest will. Which is more than DJIJoe or DJIKen ever will, because it has to be honest.

I had rough attempts to my dignity ever since i opened the thread on banning ofensive contributors.
Pretty much the same people made the same undignifying personal remarks on me, under the tollerant eye of all moderators.
Those remarks almost never contained a counter-argument to an opinion of mine. Just purely appreciations to my person.
Whether reported or not, those remarks never got taxted and people making them got away to insult again.
The way i see it, the personal attacks on this forum can not be regarded as isolated incidents.
The problem is that personal attack is a reoccurring  incident under the surveillance of DJI.
All this time DJI contributors encouraged me to keep reporting. They interpreted the undignifing posts as trolling and came back to me with lectures on "liberty of speech":
I am doing my best to eliminate trolling without infringing too much on people's free speech. Hope you understand.
If that was liberty of speech then I decided to use it. I have exposed the insults whenever they were present, which lead to concerted attacks against me, like in these threads:
With messages: 21 (pls check my answer in 23), 30 (replied in 35), 32, 56 (guy already cautioned in 23, but re-cautioned in 102), 108 (guy just cautioned in 102 makes referrals to gender), 112(gender “joke” gets traction), 125( guy cautioned twice returns with more allegations), 133(new guy step in the heat of proferating insults, gets my reply in 159), 167 (more insults in reply to 159), 171, 176, 181(guy just had a message erased and returns anyway), 214 (guy returns calling “imposter”),
With messages: 14 (spreading rumors), 43 (DJI erased my message with no explanation), 44(unsubstantiated rant rallying people which most probably lead to message 43 erased and is replied in 46), 45 (this message replies to a message which is detrimental, augmenting the wrong), 77( random guy takes a change at denigrating)
With these messages: 13 (reoffending counter-replied in 14 by a contributor in support of my post), 23( same re-offender interjects without apparent reason just to launch more insults), 50 (same reoffender), 54 (same reoffender makes a public statement about his commitment to denigrate), 64(same guy, more insults)
With these messages: 6 (same reoffender replying to my message 5), 9(same reoffender after an apparent warning from moderator), 12(old reoffender who posted a picture of a decapitated person now steps in again), 23 (last guy comes back even stronger), 25( the multiple reoffender teams up with the last guy), 27 ( the reoffender acknowledges his wrongdoing by challenging a free pass from moderators. Amazingly, he gets it), 29, 31, 34.
With these messages: 46. This is very interesting, because in order to save the people who are insulting and expose them the moderator decides to erase the messages with all the evidence of wrongdoing. This is the first time when moderator actually does something to cover the evidence. If there is fairness on this forum, I hope those messages would be allowed to resurface in order to expose the full wrath of disrespect and wrongdoing that DJI Joe decided to be part of.
I was left alone to expose the wrongdoings, with no support from DJI. This is what i exposed:
Being reported is not something done to you. is something you are doing to yourself.
I would like to present to you a small sample of what you post, maybe you could understand what is meant to be insulting by reading your own work:, message 14:

Drones do not do auto-rotation. You had better look up autorotation to get an insight on how it happens, because it requires variable pitch rotors in order to work. You are way out of your depth on this, just accept that a quad cannot recover from a single rotor loss.

Message 16 (another contributor) proved you wrong, this is what you responded “in acknowledgement” to your wrong opinion:


BTW, we would appreciate it if you replaced the 'Wind' in your username with an 'R'.....

That happened in a thread marked as solved at the time of your reply., message 10:

I think everyone on here is getting fed up with your constant stream of stupid comments, remarks and replies. I think it is a wonder that anyone bothers to answer your threads any longer, Please consider a username change as requested., message 56:

How about I ask the moderators to give me Captain's Privilege to erase all of your messages?

In message 108 you raise questions about my gender:

How do you know its a mister?, message 13:

You are wasting your breath unfortunately, *Soul is a veritable Mountain Of Misinformation.

And this is the reply you get on message 14, from another forum user:

Actually his post is technically correct but presents an incomplete picture of how best to shoot aerial video.

Further down to message 23, which you address to me:

You appear to be technically ignorant[...]. This forum would be better off without your uninformed advice. Simply put, go away and stop propagating bad advice.

Further down in message 50, this is your argumentation to a post of mine:

Amazing - that is the most incoherant collection of absolute garbage I have ever seen posted on this forum, congratulations, you have reached a new low in misinformation. I just hope the readers on here are able to see that rubbish for what it is.

And in message 54 this is what you declare:

So - that's the best you can do? Recycle my reply to you.

But no, I will not be going away. I have appointed myself a watchdog for your technical gloop and I will be standing by - ever Vigilant  - to refute it at every opportunity. Onwards and Upwards, The Quest For Truth and Enlightenment!!

In message 64 you interject in the discussion by addressing me this message:

Just stop posting idiotic advice, you are only confusing those who cannot seperate the wheat from the chaff. I see you are at it again with more ill-founded rubbish.

In this thread:
In message 2 you make peculiar statements:

…Most airport and traffic control radar systems are only equipped to 'see' transponder equipped aircraft.

Then on message 14 you unleash on another contributor:

He does not say he is flying anywhere near an airport, so he does not need a lecture on that. …

in this thread, ... D368%26typeid%3D368, message 27:
I have no interest in 'insulting' you, in fact I have no interest in you at all."

later in the same message, you declare genuinely, but ignorant to your own previous statement("I have appointed myself a watchdog for your technical gloop and I will be standing by - ever Vigilant  - to refute it at every opportunity. Onwards and Upwards, The Quest For Truth and Enlightenment!!"):"
I also have no interest in refuting any of what you have posted here, as it is all fundamentally flawed, so where would I start?"


Now the circle is closed.All red statements are your own and I claim they are insults. You have a good sample of the insults, the statement about your committment to insult   and there is no hiding of the evidence anymore. Where do I think you should start? How about a solid public promise that you will be behaving normally, for a start?

You have a long history of being insulting on this forum. nobody cares for how wrong you are- and definitely nobody is so immature as to make out of a mistake of yours a reason to insult you, but you insult people and do it without reason, just because you know you can get away with.

You insult people without being triggered in any way. you get into discussions just to proliferate insults . you pretend at being offended by a mistake found in someone's opinion, while you are far from being always right.

nobody looks forward to have you rebuked or removed or whatever your worst fear is. understand this: we are all under the same rules here and whether someone is right or wrong is not your call to being rude.

Then message 32 in the same thread:
blackcrusader Posted at 2017-3-12 17:04
You need help with everything not just understanding technical opinions, yours on the boosters which are worthless. The fact is your post incorrect information all the time and when corrected go into a hissy fit rant about how you feel insulted or your privacy has been invaded. Maybe if you posted something that was correct instead of what you believe to be true ( like the earth is flat ) then you would not get yourself roasted.  Even in this thread you come in with your opinions which are not based on any use of a booster and your nonsense claims of when you think they may or may not work.

I own and run a teleport ground station. I work with satellite up linking and down linking. I am certain I know more about gain, boost, terrestrial interference, SR, FEC, frequency, pids than your could ever understand. I am sure you can tell me why I need sometimes to use a 400w BUC and not a 200w BUC on an uplink to my client and what happens to clients equipment if I don't tell them of the change in uplink power. Your posts about boosters and what you believe are just rubbish plain and simple.  The OP was asking about people with boosters. That is not you, so take yourself off the threads you have no experience or technical knowledge of.  You are just making a fool of yourself nearly everytime you post. There is one thing other people have about the things they post about, that is knowledge, of which you show you have none.
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You need help with everything not just understanding technical opinions which are worthless.

What you state here is an absurdity. This is not only absurd about me or anyone else, is just something that should never become public on this forum.

The fact is your postincorrect information all the time and when corrected go into a hissy fit rant

This is so degrading that I wanted to remain on the forum even if you decided to erase it. It speaks so clearly about your intentions that I don’t even need to interpret it.

I am certain I know more about gain, boost, terrestrial interference, SR, FEC, frequency, pids than your could ever understand.

what is this, pride at work parade? who do you try to impress? nobody cares who you are or what you do. nobody's here for that.

Are you so kind to explain pid? Now that you are so sure about what I know, let alone understand.

take yourself off the threads you have no experience or technical knowledge of.

The reason anyone is here is to share and learn. Opinions are not made to be ultimately true but to construct the truth. I apologize if my sharing doesn’t fit your understanding of what an opinion of a forum means, but let me be clear that you have no authority to give orders.

There is one thing other people have about the things they post about, that is knowledge, of which you have none.

Coming from the master of knowledge in the field of rubbish as you clearly reiterated throughout this thread! please do exemplify what is the none of the knowledge that requires your uncivilized references!

Skycin has bought the Argtek Antenna. Once he receives it i am sure he will be happy to know that he will now have better signal from the RC to the drone with the extra output from the Argtek.

Of course that I am looking forward to his input. Maybe that will help me form a better opinion on the matter. Maybe i'll invest in the booster myself. Is the fact that an opinion is wrong a free license for you to be uncivilized? In so many consecutive posts, with so many adjectives?

I hope this is enough evidence in support of my thesis that DJI offers free pass to people to insult other contributors in this forum, hence DJI is involved and responsible for this situation.
However, a recent event of outmost gravity changed everthing: DJI edited one message of mine making it look more or less inappropriate.
My own message (12), addressed to a certain moderator, the text was modified to something arguably inappropriate.
The answer came from apparently a different moderator, inviting me simply to shut up.
All my further messages were erased without apparent reason. This is unprecedented and believe the DJI needs to assume responsibility.
In conclusion,
I believe there is something fundamentally wrong happening in this forum. The rules are fine, but command of those rules is given to moderators doing a well-substandard job.
The way moderators jump to tone down a discussion revealing for the wrongdoings of certain people (one of them publicly declaring himself "self-appointed") makes me thing this business is accepted by the DJI forum moderators. However, this is potentially criminal activity and needs to be addressed as such.
The way moderators jump to erase a message is indicative of the involvement DJI has in this activity.

I have messages erased:
  * one with this reason:
Looks to me like a threat
    please be aware this message was never reported by the person it was addressed to. I apologized anyway to the person if that message was received as a threat, but fact is the person never reported it. The moderator volunteered to check it and decided completely on his own, without any attempt to ask for clarifications
  * the other one I am still awaiting a reason one month after it was erased
I also have posts erased recently, which posts were exposing the wrongdoing of another moderator, DJIKen
Dear contributors of this forum please be aware that DJI appears to be irresponsibly manipulating this forum and playing people one against another.
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With full respect for You, but knowing my luck, my computer would freeze 3 times while writing such long post ;)
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