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Connecting A3 to E800/620S ESC - should failure reporting work ?
223 0 2017-3-16 08:47:15

Hi all !

We're trying to build a hex configuration with A3 and E800/620S ESCs.
The manual PDF menations "real-time system health diagnosis", so we would expect any failures to show in the DJI GO application, similar to the way it works with E1200 ESCs in Matrice 600.

However when working with E800/620S nothink is reported back. We tried diconnecting motor phases, powering down the whole ESC, the A3 is always happy to take off none the wiser.

Is it a malfunction, or failure reposring is not supported in the E800 ?

Thanks in advance for any insights!
2017-3-16 08:47:15
Use props
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