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Is this a flaw in general, or is it just MY P4P?  I'd really like to know.  

This is a duplicate of the post on RCGroups  - can't upload pics here unless I downsize them, so if you want to see them, goto :

[size=14.6667px]Normally, I don't jack the saturation on anything (using Lumetri in After Effects CC 2015 in this case) to 300% ... right? That's just silly. But I did so here so you can see a clear example of something REALLY funky going on.

[size=14.6667px]In an overhead shot of forest I was rendering, I noticed that despite being happy with the color I had set on frame 1 (with actually, the saturation turned DOWN a bit (from using D-Cinelike -2,-2,-1), as I watched the render proceed, I saw that in places the snow below the trees was turning interesting shades of pink. Subtle, but disturbing.... certainly unnatural.

[size=14.6667px]Figured I was doing something funky. So I turned off all FX and tried again. Now I see it a lot.

[size=14.6667px]So I started looking at other shots I have made (mostly just experimenting with a brand new P4P) and I find that in almost every case I can see a weird warmness in the center of the frame, and tinging to green at the edges.

[size=14.6667px]So I imported a few files from recent shots over the last few days, and pushed the saturation up to 300% to really see what's going on.

[size=14.6667px]Yes , again, I KNOW that's not reality .. but in reality .. if you do that with a camera that is NOT messed up ... you don't find weird blotchy, shifting shapes of different hues, do you?

[size=14.6667px]These are snips taken from my After Effects viewer, saved as png. These accurately reflect what I am seeing.

[size=14.6667px]It is apparent in Vegas Pro. It is apparent in any editor I open in.

[size=14.6667px]Camera settings were all at ISO 100, no ND filters, shutter speed variable (depended on light) aperture variable (depended on light), Color mode was D-Cinelike in the forest shots with LOTS of snow, Art in the less snow and snow only shots, with the exception of the one that is really bright yellow dot in center, that is D-Cinelike, Style mostly set in the range of -1,-2,-2, -2, -2, -1, -1, -1, etc.

[size=14.6667px]Yes, I know .. no-one ever puts saturation this high ... again .. I can see this with saturation turned DOWN.

[size=14.6667px]Please note: "P4P Color Blotchy over Forest 2 no FX" is the same frame as "P4P Color Blotchy over Forest 2" but ... you guessed it .. no FX. If you tell me you can't see the blotch in the center I will probably assume you are not able to discern color, no offense.

[size=14.6667px]EDIT: Addded a snip taken from RX100m4 4K video, with Lumetri Saturation at 300% You will note: Not blotchy

[size=14.6667px]Please tell me I don't have to send yet another unit in to DJI.
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