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Why the 250g threshold in drone regulations is too low (DJI)
210 0 2017-3-17 20:54:33

So I just stumbled upon a research article by DJI themselves detailing why the 250-gram threshold of UAVs should be increased to 2.2 kg before falling into the drone restrictions set by different nations (i.e. Canada). This essentially means that the Mavic Pro and the Phantom series would not face much regulations if 2.2 kg is to become the new threshold (although it is unlikely for that to happen).
The research paper basically states that the 250-gram threshold was fabricated on a very conservative and non-scientific notion with out-dated data sets under a 30-day limited window.
It's quite a pleasant read. I've attached the research paper as an attachment.


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DJI Research Paper

2017-3-17 20:54:33
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