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DJI Cleaner and Osmo?
947 0 2017-3-18
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I use the X3 camera from my Inspire 1 on the Osmo handle kit purchased for that purpose.  Typically I've been shooting video with the Osmo, but today I snapped a few stills.  I assumed I'd need to run them through the DJI Cleaner for DNG images.  I've done this successfully in the past for stills taken with the Inspire 1.  I only took 3 shots.  The output of the cleaner for all three is NOT a valid DNG.  Inspecting the originals closely I do see some of the typical bad pixels I get with stills off the Inspire 1.

Am I doing something wrong with the cleaner?  Shouldn't it work the same for DNG files produced with the X3 regardless of whether it was mounted on the Inspire or the Osmo?
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