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How durable is the Mavic Pro?
1009 2 2017-3-18 19:44:25

Hello everyone!
I bought a Mavic Pro a little over a week ago and am still in the process of getting to know it better. Unfortunately, when I wanted to take the Mavic out on another test flight today for some reason I tried to unfold the rear arms the same way as the front arms, which of course didn't work. I realized my mistake only after unsuccessfully applying some force (not excessive, of course, but noticeably more than what's usually necessary for the unfolding process) on one of the arms towards the left instead of towards the bottom of the drone to make it unfold and now I have the feeling that this arm has a little more horizontal play than the one on the other side. There is no visual damage, I didn't hear anything cracking or so and all arms still fold, unfold and stay in place the way they're supposed to (including in flight). Still, as I said, when directly comparing the two rear arms the one I treated wrong seems to have a bit more axial play (about 1mm at the rotor end maybe). Naturally, I didn't pay attention to any differences in play before the incident today, so I can't tell whether it was like this out of the box or only after my unfortunate unfolding attempt. What do you think, should I worry about having damaged my brand new Mavic Pro already or was it designed to withstand such handling errors?
2017-3-18 19:44:25
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Stress tests:

2017-3-18 20:12:29
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Flight distance : 75944

I'll take that as a "no, your Mavic is most likely fine despite abusing it a little" then?
2017-3-20 14:01:05
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