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Inspire 1 v2 - Intermittent ESC Comm Error + Motor Obstruct
244 1 2017-3-19 16:50:01

Weird situation since last night when I powered on my Inspire indoors with no props (I wanted to set the batteries to drain to storage).

This is a Inspire that's pretty much brand new and only had a few flights over the past few weeks.  Never crashed/hit/bumped/etc.  It's still on it's original set of props.

When I first fired things up, I was greeted with the ESC Comms Error + yellow solid light on one of the legs.  

Per the suggestion, I powered everything down, powered it back up, but same thing.   I fiddled with it for a while and eventually it powered up with no error and I was able to start the motors/etc.  It seemed 50/50 whether it would enter this error state or not.

Today I decided to take it out and try again.  I wasn't able to get the ESC error this time.  However what I did find is that occasinally when I started the motors (this time with props mounted), one of the two RED cw motors would fail to start and just jutter forward and back for a few seconds, fire a motor obstruction alert and everything shut down.  If I then simply tried to start them again, all motors fired up and everything went fine.   I also noticed too that the two red motors didn't spin nearly as easily as the two white motors.  They feel very notchy and not nearly as smooth (the white motors of course have a bit of notch from the stators, but not nearly as much as red).

I flew some low altitude hovering in my backyard (being extra cautious of a motor that might want to suddenly give out) but everything seemed fine, no weird sounds, performed okay and no warnings were generated in flight.  Nothing abnormal gathered by healthydrones either.

Two observations:

1) If the Inspire starts up in the state with the ESC error, I feel like I could get around it by manually spinning the motors by hand and then restarting.  It seems to 'solve' it every time.

2) There's something definately up with the loose fitting red props.  It seems when the props are properly tensioned, the motors spin more freely (e.g. not super notchy).  Is this something others have seen?   Is it that the clip when actually tight is slightly bending things so that there's proper clearances?  I found it MUCH harder to get a motor to stall out once I shoved some foam into the prop opening which made everything tighter held together.  When doing this, the smoothness of the red motors became almost as good as the white motors now.

Curious if anyone else had experienced something similar?  It feels sort of like there's a bad winding in a motor, but I find it highly unlikely it would happen to two motors in the same day?   

I'm running the latest firmware and it was upgraded the minute it came out of the box.
2017-3-19 16:50:01
Use props
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I would not mess around with an ESC error. Send your aircraft in for a check at DJI's expense after you raise a ticket. ESC failure is rare unless a prop is obstructed. If you see it this early into the aircraft's life and its a real issue, you should not be flying and putting others at risk.

The sound you describe on turning the props happens when the prop fit isn't perfect. If the grating persists after you put some adhesive tape / foam whatever on the space between the prop and the hubs then you have a bad motor but I highly doubt that.

All the best
2017-3-19 20:03:21
Use props
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