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GS Pro Reccomendations
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Dj gs app
I have now been using the GS Pro app for a large range of different missions and on a range of different aircraft since its release and just thought I woudl share some of the short comings of the app and some suggestions on how to improve it. Would love for people to also chime in with any of their suggestions so i hope DJI will take some notice. I have also used the older DJI GS app compatible with A2 and Naza

Aircraft it has been used with
Phantom 4 Pro
Inspire 1
Inspire 2
X8 1000mm U7 Motors 18" props 15kg
X8 1500mm U11 Motors 26" Props 35kg

Different missions carried out
Lidar scanning
Thermal surveying (with zenmuse XT)
Search missions

Used on Ipad 3 and Ipad pro (Ipad 3 can struggle at times little laggy)

While a mission is open you cannot edit it and save it as a different name as it just overwrites the old file.

1. For larger aircraft you should be able adjust climb and yaw rate. As when doing missions the speeds are ok for smaller aircraft such as inspire and pathos  but the climb and yaw rate on larger aircraft is very aggressive and often the extra inertia of even our X8 1000 overshoots yaw on most occasions this wastes valuable airtime and battery as it’s corrections are very aggressive if it needs to turn more then 90 degrees.

2. Ability to select different types actions each waypoint, stop and turn, adaptive turn, Banked turn (currently in a waypoint mission the craft has to stop at each point before continuing. This was available in the old GS app and was very handy depending on the mission. I believe it exists in the SDK so it should not be a hard thing to implement
A better confirmation to see of the camera recording or photo confirmation  (often find ourselves flicking between DJI go and DJI GS app to be able to verfiy this.

3. Follow terrain feature, this information is available apps such as Maps made easy you can access this info (while not very accurate it can help follow contours much better for better mapping results.

4. Ability to set altitude at each waypoint (this is useful if you are trying to survey a hill or terrain that is not flat)

5. Ability set individual point speeds (often we fly a decent distance just to get to the area we want to survey with the old app we used to be able to speed this part of the mission up it can save valuable time and battery in doing so allow you to cover more area in each flight.

6. Ability to set a grid flying pattern according to your own specifications for distances between flightpath over a given area.

7. Ability to go full screen for camera view (while doing a grid pattern search mission we had to switch to the GO app as we were manually searching for animals using the thermal and the small window that pops up in the GS app just does not cut it for that sort of work.

8.While planning the mission the old app used to give you a distance from the last point placed when you selected the drop pin and moved it around it would adjust as you moved it.

DJI Go app
It would also be useful for search and rescue if the DJi go app has the ability to toggel current GPS coords similar to the GS Pro app


2017-3-20 04:16:52
Use props
Inconceivable 7

Dear XM2,
Nice work man. I want to add another recommendation which is user desired pattern on loss of communication link i.e. resume mission or return to home etc. In gspro the rotor will resume its mission in case of communication loss as far as i know.
Furthermore,  regarding programmable speed for each waypoint. I would suggest to have an special speed mode with different gears. Speed for each mode should be set initially before takeoff and during flight user can change gears as required.
2017-3-20 09:47:53
Use props

Great suggestions Inconceivable, With regards to the resume mission you can pause the mission and trigger a return to home or fly back manually however instead of marking the exact place you stopped and then resuming at this point it starts at the last known waypoint so if this is along a 500m transect and it gets 490meters down that transect and you pause it and return to Home then goto resume mission it will start at the start of that transect meaning you overlap 490meters of pictures. I am sure DJi are working on a number of these things but its worth making it all known
2017-3-20 14:00:32
Use props
Flight distance : 148388

I have one cosmetic change that I'd like to see implemented; when selecting the values to change (on the right side of the screen) please allow for keyboard entry or put the plus & minus icons underneath the value displayed. Having the icons above the value, means that you can't see the value when incrementing and decementing.
2017-3-21 03:14:41
Use props
United States

I had no idea that this was even out there from DJI. Fantastic. Thanks for the heads up and your breakdown.
2017-3-21 23:33:16
Use props
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