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Red loose propellor blades.
229 2 2017-3-20 09:54:08
United Kingdom


Like most other customers I have just opened a new Inspire 2 drone to find that the red prop blades produce a wobbling noise when spun by hand. It is more noticable just on the one red motor than the other. The white ones are unaffected. When you try to wiggle the red props on the motor there is definetely some play in them and they are slightly loose. There is no wiggle on the white ones and they fit perfectly.

I have been told that I need to return these propellors. I assume just the red ones? or do all of them including the white ones need to be returned for an exchange? It is also very frustrating that I am now having to wait for replacement ones to be sent back to me after having waited a few weeks for the drone to come into stock. Given the fact that this is a known common problem why hasn't DJI sorted this out and issued new replacement props when you buy an Inspire 2? Mine was brand new and only recently came into stock. You are still shipping defective red prop's with brand new Inspire 2's.

How long will it take to get these replacement props sent to me in the UK?

2017-3-20 09:54:08
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United Kingdom

Hi J74656
In my case it was found that the problem is NOT with the props, its all about the outer locking rings associated with the Quick Lock connectors. The White ones are nice and tight (some too tight) and the Red ones are too loose. Having received THREE sets of replacement props from my very helpful UK dealer I eventually swapped the Red outer locking rings with White ones (having removed the white dots and replaced them with Red dots). Now all FOUR sets of props work perfectly!
2017-3-20 10:09:41
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DJI team
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It shouldn't take long to get replacements. New units do come with the newer versions of the propellers. Dealer stock can be tricky when determining whether or not it's actually "new stock". It can be new stock to them, but not manufacturing wise. The Support team would be able to help you get this sorted.
2017-3-20 15:28:29
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