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Russian customs: cry for help
352 1 2017-3-20 12:56:37
Flight distance : 170669
Russian Federation

Hello DJI team.

We have to play russian roulette here in Russia with our customs if we want to import Mavic Pro. Even if we just travel with Mavic to other countries we could be nailed at the coustom on a way back and undergo a confiscation.
Becaulse Mavic Pro is not in the special list (called "Notification Registry For a Encryption Devices"). ALL your other drones (even some future ones like Phantom 6, you sneaky guys ;) ) are on this list. From what I know this notification is made by you or by some of your dealers in the Russia.
It would be so great if you somehow help Mavic Pro to get in this list as soon as possible!

2017-3-20 12:56:37
Use props
Russian Federation

Mavik PRO missile defense has long been in the ping of notifying the FSB!
2017-7-6 22:06:49
Use props
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