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I see a lot of posts from drone enthusiast asking about the status of there replacement / repair some with and some without having DJI care.
From one drone enthusiast to another i thought it could help if share with you my personal experience and answers the most common questions and give some inside on the timelines you may expect.

Short intro
Purchased my Mavic combo last January at a local retailer in The Netherlands and added DJI Care within the 48 hours timeframe.
Crashed the Mavic and it got replaced under DJI Care. Replacement unit had an error and this was repaired under warranty.

What is the best way to contact DJI ?
After the crash i contacted DJI through there online support but i quickly ended that cause i had a feeling i talked with a chatbot. So being in the Netherlands i contacted them on there local phone number +31 20 654 5202. To my surprise this was forwarded to, i think, a DJI call centre in China.
With English not being the native language of me and the DJI representative this was quite a challenge but that same day i received my UPS shipping label.

Where can i check my DJI repair status?
With a case number you can check your online repair status at
In total the repair/ DJI care replacement has 6 phases.
Case accepted
Damage assed
Payment received
Product delivered

The UPS status says they delivered the drone at DJI but DJI repair status says they are still waiting for the delivery?
Dropped it off at a local UPS point and it took UPS 2 working days to deliver it at DJI.
I took DJI another 3 working days to update there repair status and acknowledge receiving the drone.
So when UPS states it has delivered your drone don’t worry, DJI received it.

Why is there a difference between the UPS status and DJI Repair status?
With drones coming in from all kinds of places you need to have a procedure.
Checking packages, registration etc etc. For instance before DJI can state they have received your drone they must be 100% sure that the received includes your drone.

Now DJI received my drone how long before they assess the damage?  
In my case it took them 4 working days. But i recon in your case it could be also be 6 or 10 days.

I have paid for the repair / DJI care swap, when will i get my drone back?
After payment it took them 5 working days to deliver my drone with UPS at my doorstep.
But just like the question before this can be anything from a single to a double digit.

So what drone do i get? a new one, a refurbished one or a repaired Mavic?
I had 2 separate cases.
-case 1) a swap under DJI care.
On that occasion they send me a refurbished Mavic. I know because the refurbished Mavic had a different serial number, the battery had scratch marks on the battery which the original Mavic didn’t had. Furthermore it had another serial number and the back folding arm was broken.
Because it was broken i had another case,….case 2

-case 2) a replacement under warranty.
Did DJI repair the refurbished Mavic? I think they did but there it gets odd.
The serial number changed but the gimbal lock was the same (i know cause i gave it a color).
So i think DJI actually repaired it and gave it a new serial number.

Although from an economic point of view it would make more sense for DJI to collect a broken Mavic and ship them in bulk to China for repair/refurbishment.
At the local DJI repair centre the only thing they need to do is take your broken Mavic and swap it for a refurbished one, saving time and money.

So tell me how long in total will it take for a repair / swap under DJI care?
From my experience i would say it takes DJI from start to finish between 3 and 4 weeks for a repair or swap.

Does DJI Care speed things up for me?
With DJI Care you don’t get a VIP treatment and the timelines are exactly the same as a person without DJI Care. The only advantage with DJI Care is financially. You don’t have to pay for shipping and for a small amount your receive your replacement. It’s everyones own decision but when asked i say take that extra DJI coverage.

Hope this has given some answers to some of your questions.

2017-3-20 15:35:33
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Thanks Mcdudeflut!

Very good information for our EU pilots serviced by the DJI Netherlands Service Center. Thank You!

DJI customers can locate their recommended service center by clicking on this link to locate their recommended repair service center.
2017-3-20 17:29:39
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