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Ronin M + 1Dx Mark II (16-35mm) - Briefcase Mode/Other Q's
603 2 2017-3-22 09:20:45
United States

I am looking for some advice on how to get the best performance out of this setup.   Currently using a Ronim-M w/a Canon 1Dx Mark ii and the extenders so that the 1Dx balances properly.  I am having an issue getting the device to go into briefcase mode, even after enabling the settings in the companion application.  It tilts severely and then the motors begin making a very unpleasant sound, and eventually they give up, releasing the gimbal to gravity.  
Any suggestions on how to get the device into briefcase mode with this setup?
Also, is it possible to use the Manfrotto quick-release mount with this setup?  This would make it easier to switch between the Ronin and the Glidecam?
Thanks in advance for your help!
2017-3-22 09:20:45
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I'm trying to accomplish the same thing!
2017-6-22 23:39:34
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United Kingdom

I have the exact setup (1DX2 + 16-35mm), and it enters briefcase mode fine. I'm not doing anything special and didn't change any settings.

I just updated to latest firmware for IMU and GCU as soon as I got it.

2017-7-27 04:02:40
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