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NEW UAV Flight Restrictions starting 4/14/2017
379 1 2017-4-9 16:12:41
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United States

Anybody else see the new NOTAM 7/7282, which becomes effective the 14th of April.  Basically, it will restrict flying UAVs, of anytype, for any reason, from surface upto 400ft AGL over most all US military facilities.  There will be allowed exceptions, but must meet a whole slew of hoops to jump through...check it out.
NOTAM 7/7282 text
2017-4-9 16:12:41
Use props
Mark The Droner
First Officer
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United States

It seems this replaces 7/7137 which we've been discussing the last couple days.

This map shows the places we are not supposed to fly: ... 8e19806ebf6a06754ad
2017-4-10 02:04:07
Use props
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