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New Firmware 2017.04.11
16681 201 2017-4-11 04:42:19
Student Pilot
Flight distance : 76887

fans99122a50 Posted at 2017-5-11 04:50
Hi Guys,
I ve been waiting for a new firmware.
Today, May 11, i ve tried to upgrade to 1.03.0700. However, i am facing exactly the same issues as with 1.03.0600.

No you don't need to! Just write a PM to DJI Natalia and report your problem. She can forward your issue to their dev-team, and they will reconfigure your DJI account to get this fixed.

If this has been done, you are able to revert to 01.03.0350 then you can successfully upgrade to 01.03.0700.

Check all infos in this thread:
2017-5-11 04:58:43
Use props

EastyT Posted at 2017-4-11 10:10
I have both a Samsung Galaxy S5 (recommended device) and a S7.  The app crashes constantly on both.  Me and 1,840 others in the Google Play store.

I have the Phantom 3 Advanced, after the latest firmware upgrade my drone won't fly, I get RC Signal Lost.  I've tried pairing the remote with the drone, I've even tried using an iPad instead of my Samsung but still get the same RC Signal Lost.... I'm waiting on a reply from DJI to fix the problem.  I now have a $1300.00 paperweight, not happy!
2017-6-12 21:12:26
Use props
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