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Scratches on Matrice 600 Pro’ Arm Used with the Ronin-MX
319 1 2017-4-12 22:24:58
DJI Support
DJI team

Dear Matrice 600 Pro customers,

It has been reported that scratches may develop on the Matrice 600 Pro’s M1, M2, M3, and M4 arms over time when used with the Ronin-MX.

The cause of this issue is a carbon tube of the Ronin-MX scratching the arms during use.

Matrice 600 Pro’s carbon tube is shorter than Ronin-MX’s carbon tube. To fix this issue, replace the Ronin-MX mounting bracket carbon tube with the Matrice 600 Pro mounting bracket carbon tube.

Best regards,
DJI Support

2017-4-12 22:24:58
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Jesper J

The Pro has not been so successfull i can see, try also to create some noise on the back of the craft and you will see that both failover IMU's will get affected, as they sit to close togethe, so it makes no sense to have to redundante IMU's if both can fail at the same time.

2017-4-16 14:32:12
Use props
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