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Matrice 600 Addon weight concerns
277 3 2017-4-14 08:18:38
United States

Hi, we are trying to add some stuff on matrice 600 to make it do some interesting works. In manual, it says the maximal take-off weight (includes aircraft and everthing on it) is 15 kg, and I believe have the entire center of gravity (COG) close to the original aircraft is also ciritical.

So my question is how sensitive are these numbers.. Actually, we are really close to the total weight now (14.7 kg, we may need to add 1-3 kg other stuffs in the future), and the COG is deviated about 1.12 cm to front (x) and 0.64 cm to right (y) based on ricci2's work:

Any comment is appreciate.

2017-4-14 08:18:38
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More weight, assuming it isn't way out of balance, just reduces flight battery life, speed, maneuverability etc.

Every unique install has to be tested in the real world so try it out going through a normal test flight with and without the weight....record video and have extra observers to note differences.
2017-4-19 19:09:30
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I have 3 GoPro cameras attached at the outer ends of the M600 arms and landing gear. The drone flies as if there's nothing there at all. As far as REALLY thowing off the CG, I'm fairly certain the M600 will be able to handle anything you throw at it.

In the most extreme example, the M600 is designed to stay in the air with multiple propeller/motor failures, which is a huge center of thrust/gravity imbalance.

I'd take your experimentation with small increments, but don't hesitate to push the machine.
2017-4-21 21:58:50
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Your experiments sound intriguing, I agree with Tafirehawk, the more weight you carry the less time in the air, however if you intend to really up the anti you could fit the 2195 hi pitched props to get you going but DJI warn they might overstrain the motors below 2500m, the extra pitch should offset the this with more load.
The main reason I would  keep the mass in the geometric centre is not to reduce the load on the control systems but to keep the rolling shutter to a minimum as the X5 is susceptible to this and I guess other cameras too, there is a great thread that highlights and finds fixes for this.
I have had some issues with the auto landing with heavy loads even though DJI tweaked the settings a little, I find an auto landing comes in to fast so I add a little throttle to slow it right down, also on  unstable ground I have toppled over a few times due to the controller cutting the power to abruptly so I feather the throttle a bit to let the craft settle.

2017-4-23 10:12:11
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