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Osmo issue! turns on but turns off after a short while
263 1 2017-4-15 06:30:33
Flight distance : 86127

Hi All,

I have an issue with my osmo since 1 day, it was working fine before that.

When i turn it on, the camera calibrates itself like it should, but the power led lights flashes red, then sollid red and then flashes red again.
The left side sometimes gives me light, and sometimes not.
I can hear the fan of the Camera briefly powering on but then the whole system shuts off exept for the sollid red light.
The weird thing is, when i start the camera while pressing power, trigger and record, the camera turns on and i can even get an image in the DJI go app and it keeps working for as long as it's powered on, but i cannot control the camera nor record.
I tried reinstalling the latest firmware through the SD, but it shuts itself down everytime it reaches 99% and i just can't finish the update.

Anyone any suggestions that i can do?
I'm in Morocco right now and want to use it for a rally coming monday, so i won't have time to send it in to DJI!

2017-4-15 06:30:33
Use props

Same as mine
2017-4-18 08:43:52
Use props
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