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DJI A2 sudden wild Yaw
222 1 2017-4-17 12:21:57
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United Kingdom

Hi Everyone,

If anyone can suggest anything to help find the problem I would be indebted as I can’t find a way to problem solve as there are no logs files.

Basically I have a new X8 frame with T Motor U7 / Flame 80A ESC’s and A2 Flight Controller and Futaba 14SG Transmitter. The A2 assistant seems to be fine as it reports all the modules are up to date firmware wise. When you enter the engine test mode the correct motor runs in the correct direction. An IMU calibration was undertaken with no errors. The Assistant does not show any errors or alerts.

Prior to the first flight a standard compass calibration was done, again with no issues. The A2 LED reports the expected colours for the modes and get sat lock fine.

Upon initial hover the frame rises and is then left to settle, no inputs to the tx, then after about 20-30 seconds there is a slight slow yaw to the right (clockwise) , which was corrected on the TX with small yaw correction. This happened again after about a further minute, and again a slight yaw tx correction was made.

With no stick input some of the ESC's seem to increase the RPM slightly then the airframe starts a yaw to the right (clockwise) this time quickly and no matter how much corrective yaw the airframe rotates and is very difficult to land. The second fight had the same result.

The third “flight” we armed and ran the motors without taking off and had the throttle stick set at about 35%, after a few minutes could hear the right hand motor increase and the left hand motor reduce rpm.

Can anyone offer ideas as what may cause/try/fix the above issue?

Thanks in advance.

2017-4-17 12:21:57
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I have a problem, that sounds a little like yours. Do you recognize this ?

In this video I actually flies totally straight, without any yaw or - + throttle. After about 10-20 meters it slowly driftes to the right (slow yaw to the right) while dropping a bit altitude. I let go of the "forward" stick, and it slides to the right and a little back, and then it suddenly dances violently. After about 3 seconds of dance, it founds it's original position and altitude (if it was going straight out and holding it's altitude, and stopped when I released the "forward" stick)

First I thought, that mabye the kp index was high, and that it was a solar storm, that was the reason. The kp index of the day was 1, so it was not the issue. I'm thinking GPS drift, A3 glitch / boot / jump of some kind. I don't think the yaw gain would cause this sliding off course and a suddenly violent dance.

Someone is talking about the Flame 80A not suits the U7 k490 motor.

Here is a video of the dance. Password: dance

2017-9-12 12:19:24
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