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Osmo and 2nd screen / device
270 0 2017-4-18 21:27:42
United States

I run video production for live events, concerts, auctions, etc.  For outdoor events I often fly the Inspire 1 with the 2nd remote (in camera mode) conected to our broadcast switcher to send a live feed to the video walls, video screens, etc. and operate as another camera man for my director... this works great.

I purchased the Osmo with the hopes of doing the same thing, only indoors.  Camera rigs, with the need for power, data, and com get in the way and are often unsettling to guests during VIP events, auctions, etc.   I was disappointed to learn the Osmo will only connect to 1 device at a time and there is no option for a second screen.

I have opted, so far, to use a non-DJI wireless TX from my Ipad to transmit the video to the switcher, but this is lacking as I do not have my controls at my fingers (on the ipad screen) and there is no way to turn off the OSD (on screen display) to the switcher while maintaining it local.

Please tell me DJI plans on making an update so that a second I-decive may be connected to the camera for observation only (at least).  This seems to have been a very short sighted mistake on DJI's part to not include a second display option.

Thank you.
2017-4-18 21:27:42
Use props
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