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360 degrees software aided obstacle avoidance without GPS?
379 1 2017-4-19
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So I was thinking if this might be feasible in a future update.

The 2 VPS on the Mavic's nose can create a 3D map of its surroundings. So, what if we store that 3D map throughout the entire flight and basically make an IMU guided obstacle avoidance system much like geofencing but without the need for GPS.

Basically, when flying indoors, we can fly the Mavic facing the walls of the room so that it can scan where the obstacles are and record their positions using the IMU sensors. After the scan is complete, the IMU will track the Mavic's movement in the room using basic kinematics. If you learned high school physics, then it's like converting the Mavic's motions into vectors that can show how close the Mavic is to the previously scanned obstacle. So basically, the IMU continuously works to measure the Mavic's proximity from the coordinates it previously recorded as boundaries. Hence, even when the Mavic is moving sidewards, it will still know the maximum distance it can move before meeting an obstacle in that direction therefore knowing when to stop.

What do you guys think? DJI?

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Hey... am with you all the way!!!
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