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Third-party batteries
497 3 2017-4-21 00:20:47
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United States

I'm looking at a pair of Third-party batteries on AMAZON for just under a price of one DJI battery.  Any one have experience buying other batteries?  I could stand saving a buck, but need my flight time.  And what about higher mAH batteries?

2017-4-21 00:20:47
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United Kingdom

I have these ... ional/dp/B014D1FM4K  for my P3P, so far work just as good as the DJI ones, same flight times etc.  I think the EBL are the same as Powercell brand  just re-labeled.
2017-4-21 00:42:54
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Mark The Droner
First Officer
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United States

I have bought something like a dozen AM batteries over the past two years.  About half of them I've gotten refunds because of early problems.  The other half seemed okay for the first few flights but then show problems.  I have four on my shelf right now and don't trust any of them over 12 mins of flight.  Problems include:


Mid-flight shut off without warning

mAh less than advertised

Maximum possible mAh decreases dramatically after a few flights

mAh misrepresented in the firmware

Reported mAh moves up and down during flight

Reported power of battery vanishes after shut off (e.g. land with 59%, turn battery off, turn battery on, battery suddenly has only 17%).

AC auto lands at 27% without warning

AC mAh falls like a stone starting at 24%, 2% at a time, without warning and AC lands in less than a minute with 7%.  

Lamps are too dim

Lamps don't flash / blink correctly

Button doesn't audibly click (mushy)

Battery is too tight in the compartment and won't come out without several minutes of great effort

In contrast, the DJI batteries have always been rock solid in every way.  

There are only two AM batteries I trust:  Limewire & Venom.  They were great batteries.  But I can't find them anywhere anymore.   I've tried others and there are always problems.  So I've given up.  I don't buy AM batteries anymore.  It's genuine DJI for me moving forward until a reputable AM manufacturer steps in and builds a good reputation and good reviews.   

Re extra mAh, IMO, the best thing to do for extra mAh is to mod a genuine DJI battery with externals.  

Hope this helps.

2017-4-21 03:37:18
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First Officer
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United Kingdom

Saving a buck could cost you your bird not worth the savings plus warranty voided.
2017-4-21 05:10:06
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