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Dont send the memory card with the Mavic to be fixed
562 1 2017-5-8
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My case: CAS-602427-K6S7F8

Eleven days ago I exchange emails with DJI suport about my missing memory card.
So fat They didnt ship the memory card yet and Im worried about it.

I sent my drone to be fix after I crashed the mavic. The problem is, DJI told me to send the memory card alongside with the controller and the aircraft. When I got my drone back, it was missing the memory card.

The thing is, I live in brazil and for tax porpuse I kindly ask DJI to send the memory card to my sister, who is going to Canada for business trip from may 14 to 17, so I dont have to pay any tax and because It was DJI fault to not send the memory card in the first place.

and so far, we are 5 days to may 14 and DJI never answer my email to ship the memory card.

so DJI lost my memory card and didnt care to send the memory card on time.

Thanks DJI, I will have to buy another memory card and for anyone who is sending the drone to be fix DONT send the memory card as they told me to.

in case anyone from DJI read this, please send the memory card to arrive before may 17.
to this address:
Name: naiara barbosa magalhães
Address: hotel dauphin montreal, 1025 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, QC H2Z 1M7, Canada
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DJI team
Flight distance : 1515312 ft
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United States

I see all the notes in your case along with the dates, sitters name, hotel and address.
I've sent a message for someone to contact you.
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