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Naza M v2 - Adjusting decent speed, max angular rate question
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United States

I am new to the Naza world and trying to gain a stable platform for my heavy lifter 850mm hex.  I notice that the rig drops quickly when lowering the throttle, I want it to be stable when climbing and decending.  It feels like the throttle is linear to my input, where as Im hoping I can make the Naza control climb and decent, and im more directing up or down.
Also, I flew it and had some trouble with it flipping over randomly (after its been flying very well).  I adjusted the max angular rate gain settings from 150 (default) to 100 when it happened. I bought it used and never did a factory restore on it though and didnt calibrate anything.  It seemed to fly just fine for a couple batteries, until I played with the max angle gain.  I figured id do a factory restore, and go through the setup again.  I also never calibrated my ESC's, so ill go through and do that as well. If anyone has any incite to this event, id greatly appreciate it!

Last thing, im not really understanding max angular velocity.  It sounds like the higher the number the more "agile" the rig is, and vice versa.  What flight characteristics does this really effect and how is this parameter used?


Use props
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