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Telemetry display in DJI Go 4 App
390 2 2017-5-18 07:58:16
United States

Question on the telemetry display in the DJI Go 4 App.  I’ve read the manual through and watched several videos….this still not clear to me.  The Telemetry readout in lower left of screen:
This is my understanding (correct?)
D = distance the aircraft is from the controller
H-= elevation above the take off point (home point)…..(not necessarily elevation above the ground!)
HS: horizontal speed. (i.e. speed across the ground)
VS:  Vertical speed (i.e. rate of climb)
VPS…this one confuses me.   Also changes to a icon of a little man with N/A after it.  The manual doesn’t describe this and I have seen conflicting definitions in videos.  What is this indicator?
Thanks in advance for help here.

2017-5-18 07:58:16
Use props
Intern Pilot
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VPS = height measured by the  Visual Positioning System (not always available because of VPS intrinsic range limitations or because it is not active at the moment)
2017-5-19 10:54:33
Use props
DJI team
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Antonio is correct. You would only pay attention to the VPS indicator (if VPS is enabled) when appropriate conditions are met. Those conditions can be found in the 'vision postiioning section of the manual'.
2017-5-19 11:44:39
Use props
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