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Battery issues
182 1 2017-5-19 11:31:22
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United Kingdom

I bought my p4 from dji with 3 battery's and not a problem, last week I bought a fourth from it was on offer for £128.99, first I struggled to make it take a charge then tonight my p4 flew 76m @ 30m high then just cut out and fell from the sky! Luckily I was flying over a corn field so no reall damage but it took me a while to find it , I tried using the find my drone setting but no real help , I noticed on it was a couple of settings one for led and one for beeping, I'm assuming they were audio & visual aids to help with finding the drone but I couldn't seem to activate either l had good connection because my Mrs was watching my iPad whilst I walked up and down the field moving the corn with a clothes prop until she shouted I can see you! To my huge relief as it was just getting dark, does anyone know anything about activating the settings or about dodgy batteries?
2017-5-19 11:31:22
Use props
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United States

I think the fact you struggled to get it to charge was a clue something was amiss with the battery. Suffice to say, there have been reports involving batteries that fail to charge after having been recently purchased. Often, the cause involves batteries that have been on the shelves too long, etc. Regardless, I would contact the place of purchase and exchange it.
2017-5-19 11:55:55
Use props
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