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Mavic Pro - compatible devices
1245 3 2017-5-20
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Hi all - I actually tried searching for this topic on the forums as I'm sure this was asked in the past and there may be a thread that exists. @Mods, move post if there is a better place for it.

I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone out here has a Nexus 5X and has full compatiibility with the Mavic Pro. I had an online chat with dji support, and was informed this was only tested on the Nexus 6P. I am looking for some feedback on this before I even open the box. Thanks for any helpful input on this - links - etc.

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The OS is one key factor in compatibility.
The hardware also needs to be able to handle the workload produced by the goapp.
In saying that my non listed Chinese android phone from about 3 years ago runs flawless. It has 2Gb RAM and octacore cpu so it performs well.
If you have searched these forums and came up short with the Nexus 5X, chances are it is not causing problems.
So bite the bullet and then tell the community how well your 5X works with the Mavic

Failing that pep talk, someone with that model will tell you soon right here
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I started off using the 5x and it crashed constantly. I didn't get a single flight without the app bombing out. I pulled my old htc one M7 out a drawer to use instead and it's been flawless since. But that's still on android 5.
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I also have a Nexus 5X and I'm experiencing problems like the application lagging after some minutes of flight, eventually getting stuck as a whole.
I apply the tips of disabling screen rotation, wifi and cell phone data, disable & clean local video cache, even removed all flight logs 3 flights ago. 2 flight went flawlessly, but now back to square one...
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