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DJI 4.0 Inspire 2
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Flight distance : 612241 ft
United States

Wondeirng why is it so hard for a company of this size to make a app that works on most majoy platfourms without buying older gen hardware for android.   They put so much man power into making sure apple products are out and running out of the gate.  Yet I have a tablet thats has 3 gigs of ram and 1.8GHz Quad core processor and I have to jump thur hopes to get it to run right.   Its never cut off doing flight are anything just to get it up and running, you have to restart tablet everytime you plug in the cotroller to the table so it will work.  But if you want to go into the message favoriets unlock my NFZ application it locks it turns into a black screen and kicks you back to the mean menu. You guys keep saying there so many different tablets out there on the android side and yes there is.  So why dont you guys make an app that if doesn't meet this x amount of specs that you can't use it or it start cutting out features.  Just like a windows pc.  Just seems you guys are half way supporting it or just enough to put there logo on the box.  Please do something about this as I dont want to buy an apple products.  Remember when apple first came out and they where on top of the smart phone market for years?
Please come out with something updating and stop pointing us to older hardware.
Use props
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