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Flying professionally in New York City
488 3 2017-5-27 13:59:35
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Hello all,

I am a part 107 certificate holder located in Los Angeles. I have some questions about an upcoming shoot that I've been hired to do in New York City.

A high-end property management company has hired me to shoot drone footage of three of their buildings in New York City at the end of July. 2 of the buildings are in midtown and 1 of them is in the financial district. I have a few specific questions regarding these properties...

1. According to Airmap, there is a permenant TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) around the southern part of Central Park extending about 10 blocks south of the park. I imagine that this is because of Trump Tower but I can't be sure. It seems difficult to believe that this large area of Manhattan is permenantly off-limits even when the President is out of town. Does anyone have any information about this?
2. The building in the financial district (55 Broadway) seems to be in class G airspace which seems hard to believe. My general question about flying professionally in NYC is if there are additional, local actions that need to be taken even after obtaining an FAA part 107 waiver?

Does anyone have any information or experience flying for clients in Manhattan? I would appreciate any and all help.

2017-5-27 13:59:35
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There is no way to fly in TFR unless you are part of the venue.
2017-5-31 17:24:34
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Were you able to find out if Part 107 holders can fly in Manhattan?  Apparently, Manhattan is NFZ for hobbyists. ... in-nyc-f31c0d0a88ca
2017-9-9 11:39:07
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You can fly in certain areas i.e. some parks but yes areas in most areas are prohibited.

Here's a link: ... t-getting-a-ticket/
2017-9-29 09:33:26
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