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Camera and gimbal problems on Phantom 4 refurb?
383 3 2017-5-27 23:52:29
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Hey evryone
I purchased a Phantom 4 refurbished back in Februrary and until a few months ago I was pleased with the quality. However, more recently some problems have started to show up:

1. Many times when turning on the drone, the gimbal fails to initiate and hangs limp. This has been an inconvenience for me on many occasions and I have seen videos where this has happened mid-flight. this is happening more now than before
2. Often while flying, the gimbal will abruptly shift into another position without me touching anything. I have contacted DJI about this, and even after an IMU, compass AND gimbal calibration this still happens and ruins some of my shots.
3. Even with manual white balance switched on (as suggested), there are many times where the camera's exposure will pulse when shooting video, moving from light to dark frequently once again without user input. checking histogram levels in FCPX also proves this to be the case

has anyone else experienced these problems? and can anyone from DJI help me out?
thanks in advance
2017-5-27 23:52:29
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United States

Not quite the same but after 45 days my gimbal went nuts in that wont stop occilating, so had to send in. Repaired No charge but totally faile dto tellme what broke, why an dwill it happen again? Over all process eems smooth but DJI has poor customer service communications. They need to chnage or they will get run over by someone with great customer service. With the tremendous growth they are lucky experiencign now is when you need to earn your customers praise as times will change.
2017-9-13 05:43:48
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Unscrew the gimbal from the bottom, check to make sure everything is plugged in correctly. Do you get any image when you the gimbal hangs limp or is it just black?
2017-9-13 19:54:54
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You may want a technician to look at your aircraft, especially if there was any type of rough landing. Please contact Customer Service on this point.
2017-9-14 12:40:07
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