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iOSD MK2 - CAN bus connections
126 1 2017-6-1 07:24:52

Hi, I have a quick question.

I am buying iOSD Mk2 device to my A2 ecosystem and wondering how i  should to connect it via my CAN Bus system. In the manual it says  "Connect to any avilable CAN port from the CAN1 of the flight  controller" which means if I have connected to my CAN1 FC port IMU, can i  connect iOSD to my IMU CAN port, or should i connect directly to FC  CAN1 port? Also can i connect my GPS to iOSD CAN hub?

2017-6-1 07:24:52
Use props
Arthur Mak
Asia/Pacific Region

In my S900 is in harmony (all flight info displayed) with iOSD Mk ii connected to the CAN port from the compass, therefore, IMU, Compass and iOSD MKii are connected to CAN1.
2017-9-6 21:35:45
Use props
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