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Shot some video, now to learn how to shoot some more, HA!
761 0 2017-6-3
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Rodger Marjama
United States

I have been having some fun over this past week or so trying out my hand at shooting video while trying to learn to fly this Mavic.  Long history in RC, but not with quad or helicopters, so it's a bit different.  No question the Mavic is easy to use, but I want my thumbs to get use to fine movements in right directions for good shots.  Having all of the disconnects doesn't help, but I hope they will not come back after this last update seems to have cleared them up... At least for now.

I made a nice sunshade for my cell phone, but still too small of a screen for me to use really.  Have a new Hoodman setup coming in for my larger 8.4" Samsung tablet, along with an aluminum mounting system for it.  I think that will help me see things easier.

Also purchased the Litchi app for android.  I think there are some features I will make use of with it, but will no doubt take a bit of time to learn both the DJI and Litchi apps to make the best use of both.

My son also has this drone and bunches of others.  He races drones and design and sells them as well.  Nice to have someone close who knows everything about what I am attempting to learn.

Hoping to go out today sometime with him and do some flying and learning.  His race today was canceled, so he may have some time.

We'll see.

Here's a couple of my videos shot with this new Mavice.  Take a look and tell me what to do to make them better.



Use props
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