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S900 and A3 - Some motor tests fail
739 0 2017-6-4
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Rob W
Flight distance : 94390 ft
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I'm finishing up my S900 upgrade, and tried to do the motor tests, but it failed on motor 3, 4, 5 and 6. It worked fine for motor 1 and 2. I just default speed for the motor test at 5%.
When I start the motors "for real", all motors spin up correctly.

I searched this forum and saw that many others have had the same issue with motor test, but then when they increased the motor test speed to 15%, it worked. I had already packed the copter when I read it though, so I will try maybe tomorrow.

But, my question is to DJI: Does that mean that the ESC:s really needs to be recalibrated, or is it just "cosmetic"? I'm thinking safety and reliability.

Best regards,

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