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Osmo X3 gimbal on airframe?
385 0 2017-6-8
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United States

I was wondering if an Osmo x3 gimbal was compatible with DJI airframes that use regular x3 gimbals. I mistakenly bought an x3 Osmo gimbal for my Matrice, and I am having a couple of problems with it that I want to know if they are due to a problem with the gimbal (purchased used) or due to incompatability.

First thing: the video is upside down. I updated firmware (with it attached to the M100) and the video is still upside down. Can it be flipped?

Other thing: the gimbal just flops around as if it isn't powered on. When I power on the M100, the gimbal beeps and the live video feed and fan starts but it remains motionless. If I hit calibrated gimbal in the go app, it still doesn't move

Any help is appreciated
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