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532 0 2017-6-25
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Flight distance : 40735 ft
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United States

Updated the firmware before I went out for flight today. I noticed some strong magnetic interference so I backed away from my truck and phone and was able to calibrated the compass on my Mavic without a problem.  I noticed on the screen during the flight that the image wasn't clear and was choppy and thought this was due to poor signal. Landed, went home, and inserted the SD card. The entire video was out of focus. I then download the logs from the dji go app through iTunes using AirData UAV . What I found was the warning message was repeated numerous times in the log. I looked at the signal chart and it was all over the map. Here is my flight log:

I then went home and took another flight. No issues, clear signal, image on the Ipad was clear, video was clear, and no warning messages.

Did my signal interference cause my video to get out of focus on the first flight ?

Appreciate any insight !

Use props
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