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Ronin-M Intelligent Battery 3400mAh curved/swollen?
1989 3 2017-7-14
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I was wondering, in recent months I've been seeing somewhat of a curve on my DJI Ronin-M 3400 mAh battery (old model). Last weekend someone said to me that it's not good for Lipo batteries.

It's just slightly curved, on both sides, and the battery is still usable and chargeable. But I've googled for this issue on DJI batteries. All I can find are results for Lipo batteries that only have a soft "bag-like" shell, that's swollen like a balloon. The Ronin-M batteries are made of hard plastic. Can I assume the insides are swollen, when the outsides are slightly curved?

I have no technical knowledge of (Lipo) batteries. My knowledge goes as far as, if it stops working, not charging, leaking or rusty, the battery is dead, and needs to be replaced. I've never heard of batteries looking perfectly fine, without indication of it being broken, and then just might "go boom".

Which brings me to my next question: if my DJI battery is indeed swollen inside, what harm can it do? Will it actually go "boom" while using or recharging the battery? I always thought batteries would just lose their charge and die. It's a bit scary to think that certain batteries can just explode while using it, without actually knowing that it needed to be replaced...

Some people, like me, don't know anything about technical batteries specifics. I've never seen batteries leak, only batteries with some sort of corrosion, and whenever my batteries were broken, they would be dead, as in, have no charge, unable to recharge, unusable. This will be the first battery that I've seen that's usable until the point it would maybe "explode"?

Though I would like to know "how such a battery swells up". Wasn't I careful enough? Did I always have to fully discharge the battery, before recharging it? I never used the battery in an oven, nor have I ever been to Antarctica. Although, sometimes it would be really hot outside 38 degrees Celsius, which is well below the acceptable operating temperature of 71 degrees Celsius.

Anyway, I've always wanted to buy a extra battery, but the price of €150  each, was just too steep. Especially since I can use my Ronin-M an  entire day with just one fully charged 3400mAh battery. I guess I'll  have to buy a replacement soon.
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you definetly should buy a new battery and dispose of the old one. Battery swelling is bad.
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Make sure not to use the bat anymore and get rid of the it - a swollen lipo is dangerous.
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Make sure you discard it within the environmental specifications required.
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