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A3, LB2 Not controlling camera in apps
639 1 2017-8-2
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David G.

United States

I have spent hours searching the main DJI forum, the web in general and here, but can't find a resolution to my camera problem. I'll explain the issue then give specifics of the system. Basics are S1000, A3 Pro, LB2, Z15-5D III (HD), Canon 5D III, new ipad pro 9.7.

The Go app continually defaults to LB wherein I have to enable EXT and adjust the bandwidth slider every time. The GS Pro will not recognize the camera at all. I created a custom camera in a sample 3D mission plan but it did not take pictures. Only one time was I able to get a short camera preview in GS Pro after resetting the camera in GO. But that stopped before I could even take off. Just so it's out there, the switch on the gimbal is set to HD.

I can pitch the camera, take video and stills from the ground unit. All functions appear in the Assistant 2 and gimbal assistant software. The GO app will reset the gimbal to FPV forward and free modes so GO app control of the gimbal seems to be working too. Even C1 and C2 functioned well when set in the GO app.

Start up sequence (waiting for self test at each):
Turn on Camera
Turn on LB2 ground unit
Plug in UAV battery(wait for slow green blink)
Plug iPad in to ground unit
Start GO app.

The frame and camera are from 2014, everything else was purchased in 2017. All firmware is updated.
A3 Pro - V
LB air - V 1.1.60
LB ground - V 1.2.10
GCU - 3.0
IMU - 1.4
CMU - 1.0
HD-AV - 1.18

Go app - V 3.1.11
GS Pro - 1.5.0 (2450)
iOS - 10.3.2
ipad model number - MLMN2LL/A

My background:
I've been designing, building and flying models for about 25 years. Been flying FPV planes and quads for a couple years. I'm also a licensed electrical engineer so I have a pretty good handle on hardware. But that doesn't help me one bit with these software issues.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Use props
First Officer

United States

In the case of the GS Pro software not recognizing the camera, have you considered reinstalling the software? What is meant by custom camera? Please explain more about camera type, gimbal type etc?
Use props
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