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Two Litchi issues
488 0 2017-8-21
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 36 ft

United States

1st issue.
On some flights I am only getting partial flight data. Does anyone know where the flight data is recorded? I assume it is recorded on the aircraft because I have lost both transmitter & video signal on some flights and still recorded the entire flight. My last flight I only had 1 minute of data for a 15 minute flight. If it does come from the aircraft and uploaded to the tablet, when is it uploaded? At the end of the flight automatically?
2nd issue same flight.
I lost signal and video very shortly after take off. I checked my watch and knew the mission would be at least 15 minutes. After about 10 minutes my transmitter starts beeping like it does when RTH is activated, however it did not say anywhere on the screen that return home was active. After reviewing the video, at the furthest point just before returning it looks like it cut the flight short and came straight back instead of a slight side shift as programmed. Why did it not notify RTH was active?
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