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DJI Go 4 ActiveTrack versus Litchi
1229 1 2017-9-6
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Flight distance : 374 ft
United States

From a professional shooting perspective, just ran 4 batteries using DJI ActiveTrack mode comparing to Litchi Focus mode. Activetrack worked extrememly well. Very stable, reliable and well focused on subject, even with strong winds and sun glare. It lost the subject a few times when at a distance, likely due to the strong wind (the alert was on 99% of the time).

Litchi on the other hand, routinely crashes the app in Focus and doesn't seem to function correctly in its Tracking mode. The crashing has happened in numerous flights since they brought out the new Spark version.

While I would prefer to focus/track on the remote/iPad, it currently is clearly a superior and more reliable result for both stills and video using DJI ActiveTrack.

While it can be said that using an iPad 3 or iPhone 6 (with RC) causes Litchi to crash/fail to operate, there are no functions within Go 4 that cause a crash. Quite frankly, I would think the tracking of a subject via video is more processor intensive than tracking the iPad itself. Could be wrong, but Go 4 works reliably (this is after all the recent FW/SW updates) and Litchi does not.

I also have the Autopilot beta and it suffers from major crashing as well. They have told me it won't work with either an iPhone 6 or iPad 3, so it's pretty much out of the question. Used to use Autopilot a lot with our Inspire, but looks like that's perhaps come to an end.

Anyway, just some insights from current state of these apps as of today. Maybe Litchi can resolve their issues with an update. I like the app and use it routinely for Osmo shoots, and would like to use it for rthe Spark, but totally unreliable. Funny DJI can do the same thing with no crashes but Litchi can't.
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DJI Elektra

I would recommend you use our app to enter ActiveTrack mode. Litchi is the third party software and they are not compatible when it comes to some functions.
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