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Busy day - 5 mapping flights, a demonstration, & pictures of a deer
262 1 2017-9-25
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TN Lone Wolf
United States

Today was easily my busiest day of flying drones for the university.  For starters, it was the first time I've had all three drones together:

Over the course of the day completely drained five Inspire batteries, a Mavic battery, and part of a Phantom battery.  Scouting with the Mavic and mapping several fields with the Inspire took much of the early afternoon.  In spite of the heat, the flights went fairly well.

Wednesday afternoon, I was in my office (okay, an electronics storage room with a desk) testing the Inspire's slave controller and the camera control settings when I noticed someone peering into the room.  He was a freshman student, an undergrad studying agricultural engineering technology who was deeply interested in drone applications in agriculture, but who didn't have a lot of experience with them.  I told him I would show him what they were capable of.  So, today after I got off work, I met him at my office.  We quickly packed the Inspire and Mavic in my truck alongside my Phantom.  When we reached the fields I taught him the basics of setting up a DJI drone, starting with my Phantom.  While I showed him how stable and responsive the Phantom is, the both of us spotted a deer jump up and run off, no doubt spooked by my Phantom.  Naturally, I gave chase and managed to capture a good picture of the doe:

I offered to let him fly the Phantom, but he refused.

After demonstrating the Phantom, I set up the Inspire and handed him the slave controller so he could manipulate the camera.  We ran down two batteries just flying around looking at the fields and livestock.  During the second flight I installed the FLIR camera, which he thoroughly enjoyed using.  While we headed back to the campus, he started looking into some of the different Phantom 4 models available right now, particularly the Obsidian.

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DJI Susan


It reminds me of learning to fly the drone for the first time. Great time! Thanks for sharing with us.
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