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Question - Maintenance Of Drones
327 1 2017-12-2
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United Kingdom

Hi There

I have had my Mavic now for nearly 10 months I have learned so much about flying safely had the odd crash at home nothing serious. I would like to ask a question. Once a year here in the UK we have to service our cars and then take to a test centre and if all is in order we get a test certificate to prove that our cars are road worthy.

What about our drones? it would be irresponsible to fly our drones for a length of time without doing some maintenance or am I missing something I know there are many pilots out there that are more clued up than some and can take thier drones apart and put together but what about the newbies?

So..... can someone answer this question (preferably a moderator) about maintenance of drones 1 year and past.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Cole, for the drone, the app will tell you and current status of it. If there is something wrong with the drone, the error message will pop up in the app. So if the drone is working properly, it okay to keep it. You can also do a check for the drone's appearance like props, RC antennas, gimbal, motors and all the performance like IMU, gimbal compass calibration and flight stability. If you think there might be something wrong, you can also send it back to the repair center for a check. For the battery maintenance, you can refer to the tutorial below.
It's good for having this concern. Manage an overall check like I mentioned above.
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