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WARNING: Cendence design flaw!!!
777 1 2018-1-17
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Please bring this to the attention of the Engineers of the Cendence.

I decided that I would try out the Cendence Control Stick Covers.  I did not notice that the two rings on the edge of these are NOT identical.  One installs with a clockwise turn and the other installs with a counter clockwise turn.  If you do not notice this and install the wrong ring on each control will go in and will lock.  However, once installed the wrong way, it is impossible to remove the rings.  At the very least, you need to put a WARNING in the package.  There is no reason to design these parts so that one is CW and one is CCW.  It would also reduce the manufacturing parts count if they were the same.

If you have not istalled these parts...PLEASE note that they are different.

Ray Maxwell

Retired Engineer
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Thanks for your feedback. I would help you forwarded to our engineers for further check.
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