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Could APAS be ported to Mavic Pro?
1235 0 2018-1-25
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I have been pondering this since the announcment of the MA (Mavic Air).  Thinking through what is invovled, it appears that most of the APAS system is contained in software. The MP has essentially the same sensors as the MA minus the back facing OA sensors.  Generally speaking (and from my limited knowledge base), the Forward and Downward facing sensors are going to be the most important for building a model of the world around the drone.  As these are shared by both Mavics it seem plausible that the advanced OA could be ported to the MP and give it more life.

Obstacles for the port (again from my limited point of view):
1. DJI wants to maintain some advantage of the MA for sales reasons.  I could see this going either way.  If they ported APAS to the MP it could help drive the sale of a $1000 drone vs a $800 one.
2. MP doesn't have the raw processing power to build a real time map of the world based on the sensors.  I feel like this may be the only real technical hurdle as the MP is aging (in terms of technology)
3. The backward sensors are indeed needed for APAS.  My initial thought was that backward sensors only help when flying backward (duh). However, on a second pass, it could be possible that the backward sensors are used to provide a delta calculation for objects and could thus help better map the world.

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