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Degrading performance (transmission range)
483 1 2018-3-10
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I've been using my Spark regularly since I bought it about 4 months ago, and since it's winter here, I don't go very far, I usually fly at the same places. Also, I don't like to have an audience, and I don't want to anger people, so I'm flying at wide open spaces, and never close to any houses and dwellings, so I've always been using the 2.4 GHz network without any issues. In fact, I didn't even have to change the channel for over a month, until I started having problems.
At some point, I started getting "Weak transmission signal" errors, which seemed kind of random, since I got them right at startup, not when the AC was in the air. Recently I had this error at a location where the nearest home was about 600 ft away, and I've been flying there dozens of times before, and then at a lake where there's no possible source of electronic interference anywhere nearby. In both cases the connection was so bad that I couldn't even take off without switching to 5.8 GHz, but here in Europe, that's really very restrictive. So I decided to start using my USB cable (luckily for us iOS users, DJI GO works fine with iOS and a USB cable), and the errors stopped (for now, it's just been a few days), but I noticed that even with the cable connection, I don't have as good a connection as before, when I connected with WiFi (before the errors started). The connection starts getting choppy at about 75% the distance. Does anyone else see a degrading performance, range-wise? And what should I do about it? I'm afraid that it will be sent back to me "as-is" if I send it in for repairs, since they might not see the error (I didn't get it everytime).
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Alex B.
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Probably you updated the app and your device can’t handle the latest app version.
You need to downgrade your app and everything will be back to normal.
Best stable version for spark is 4.1.15
First uninstall DJI go4
Download from apkmirror version 4.1.15
Enable installation from unknown sources on your device
Also disable auto updates of the apps in play market
And make sure to never update the app again on that device,  (it can’t run the latest app, not powerful enough)

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